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Influenced by a grandmother who was a folk artist, Wilbur has always loved art.  In the sixth grade, Wilbur discovered photography with a Kodak Tourist camera that used 620 roll film with which he began to develop a passion for photography.  He received his B.S. degree from Milligan College in business.  While at Milligan, Wilbur was the photographer for the school newspaper and yearbook.   After receiving a Master’s Degree from East Tennessee State University, he started photographing weddings.  He then graduated from the Winona School of Professional Photography and launched his studio.  

Wilbur is a nationally known photographer of high school seniors.  He has made major presentations at the Western States Convention in Pasadena, California, at the Heart of America Photography Convention in Kansas City, Kansas and at the International Professional Photographers Guild in St. Louis, Missouri.  Wilbur always presents the hottest trends in high school senior photography and shares what he has learned in 40 years of photographing seniors.

Having won many photography awards over the years, Wilbur was most honored by having a portrait album selected for permanent display at the International Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The album contains his portraits of children, seniors, families and women.  This album was part of a library collection of 150 photographers to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the discovery of photography.

Wilbur’s passion for his faith-based work with underprivileged children of the world has led him to San Luis Potosi, Mexico; Nairobi, Kenya; New Deli, India; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Compo Lora, Paraguay: Panama City & David, Panama; Honduras, El Salvador, Argentina and Brazil (Iguaçu Falls).  This past spring (2016), Wilbur was a photographer on a media/mission team in Central America.  The last couple of days in western Panama the team traveled up a mountain reservation to photograph an indigenous Indian tribe, the Guaymi tribe. (Click for PHOTOS)   

Another facet of Wilbur’s life includes portraying Abraham Lincoln.  Wilbur started portraying the 16th president during the nation’s bicentennial and has made hundreds of appearances at fairs, plays, Civil War reenactments, schools, conventions, television shows, commercials, and news interviews.  His Lincolnesque appearance led Wilbur to adopt Lincoln’s profile as the studio logo 40 years ago.​ 

                                       Cell phone: 317-370-7820
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